Product pictures

  • DDCS V2.1
  • DDCS V2.1

Product configuration

Main parameter

1) 16 opto isolated digital inputs

2) 3 opto isolated digital outputs

3) Analog spindle control 0-10V spindle control (can be modified as PWM output)

4) 4 axis motor control, max 500KHz per axis

5) ARM9 main control chip

6) FPGA core algorithm chip

7) 4.3 inches TFT screen, resolution ratio: 480x272

8) 17 operation keys

9) 18V-32V power input, minimum 0.5A

10) USB flash disk support for G code file input

11) 1GB internal memory

12) MPG port for our MPG with digital display. Many other MPG’s also supported

13) Jog function for each axis (continuous, step, defined distance

14) Support the operation of quickly specify the running position

15) Support for “Power Cut” recovery. Data is automatically saved.

Wiring diagram