CNC Motion Controller DDCS V3.1

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  • CNC Motion Controller DDCS V3.1
  • CNC Motion Controller DDCS V3.1
CNC Motion Controller DDCS V3.1 CNC Motion Controller DDCS V3.1

Product configuration

Main parameter

1) 16 photoelectric isolated digital inputs,3 photoelectric isolated digital outputs;

2) 3.1 Version enhanced Algorithm,support soft interpolation,fixed arc interpolation bug of the old version;

3) Analog spindle control 0-10V spindle control (can be modified as PWM output);

4) 3-4 axes motor Control.Differential Pulse and direction output signal,Max.500Khz per axis;

5) ARM9 main control chip,FPGA core algorithm chip;

6) 5 inches TFT screen, resolution ratio: 480x272,17 operation keys;

7) The Power Supply for the controller is 24VDC, minimum Current is 0.5A;

8) The Power Supply for IO Port is 24VDC,minimum current is 0.5A;By the IO power supply,system already supply the power for IO ports.So no need the external power supply for IO port anymore;

9) USB flash disk support for G code file input,no size limited of the G-code file ;1GB internal memory for G-code file storage;

10) Support standard MPG;

11) Jog function for each axis (continuous, step, defined distance);Customer can define the distance;

12) Support the operation of quickly specify the running position;

13) Support for“ Power Cut” recovery. Data is automatically saved;

14) Backlash compensation, Tool compensation

15) Control System Unit is compatible with Metric Units and Imperial Units;

16) MPG and extended Keyboard can also control and edit the controller system;

17) Add new function of “Try cutting”(handwheel guiding) and “Single-stage processing mode” ;

18) 3 kinds Probing Modes:Fixed Position of tool sensor,Floating Position of the tool sensor,Rectangular block Sensor;

19)Enhanced the software,added a lot of parameters,Optimal Design and algorithm,makes the new version more strong functions and steady;

20) The Option Language of the system is Chinese/English/Russian.

21) Version 3.1 cited the new circuit design and metal box,which can avoid the noise a lot.

Wiring diagram